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As pioneers and innovators in the field of commercial lenticular printing, we have the expertise needed to guide you through your lenticular project...

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Lenticular credentials make your organization stand out while providing extreme security. See what we worked up for the 2015 Game Marketing Summit!

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Take a look at some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on. We just love working with our clients and bringing their artwork to lenticular life.

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Art of Lenticular

We’re often asked how lenticular works and the best way to prepare artwork. We’ve created a short presentation to walk you through the process.

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(Lenticular says) Don’t You Forget About Me...

Photo by Heather Applegate

When I was younger, I loved knock-knock jokes and here is one of my favorites:

Will you remember me in a year? [YES]
Will you remember me in a month? [YES]
Will you remember me in a day? [YES]
Will you remember me in an hour? [YES]
Will you remember me in a minute? [YES]

Knock-Knock? [WHO’S THERE?]


Unfortunately, many businesses/salespeople/marketers know this feeling all too well. No business wants to be like “that” kid in the class picture no one remembers. Corporations spend a great deal of time and energy trying to become memorable - to ensure they’re anything but forgettable. However, with individuals being exposed to an astounding number of advertisements every day, this is very difficult. It’s challenging to attract consumer attention, harder to sustain it long enough to deliver a message, and almost impossible to make that message stick!

There’s hope though. Studying ways to improve one’s memory offers valuable insight into what marketers can do to improve consumer recall. Memory athletes use an ancient mnemonic technique called the method of loci or the memory palace. Essentially, they convert information into a series of visual images and then categorize them spatially for later retrieval. These experts at memorization utilize the scientifically accepted belief that the human brain processes, retains and recalls visual imagery better than other types of information. Delivering a message visually is not enough though.

In the study, Perception of visual advertising in different media: from attention to distraction, persuasion, preference and memory, the authors state, “The advertising messages are transmitted into the cognitive and affective systems via visual processes. Rather than being a mere input device, the visual processes both voluntarily and involuntarily control the amount and quality of information that is passed onto further mental processing.” They continue to state, “The effectiveness of advertising therefore critically depends on its ability to attract visual attention. The advertisements should also retain attention long enough in order to allow sufficient encoding of information into the long-term memory.”

Joshua Foer, author and memory athlete, confirms this anecdotally by stating in his book Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, “The general idea with most memory techniques is to change whatever boring thing is being inputted into your memory into something that is so colorful, so exciting, and so different from anything you’ve seen before that you can’t possibly forget it.”

When you review all the visual advertising you’ve created, how much of it fits that description? How much of it is so different from anything else that consumers can’t possibly forget it? Here in lies the beauty of lenticular print. While print advertising is common place, lenticular isn’t. It’s still distinctive, allowing you to differentiate yourself from others. Even more, consumers interact with lenticular images significantly longer than traditional print. This ability to engage consumers provides the time they need to process your message and retain it in their memory. Let National Graphics help you claim a coveted wing in your consumers’ memory palaces with our patented lenticular!

Contact NGI to request a lenticular print of the beautiful 3D artwork shown. Original photo by Heather Applegate.