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Aquarium Lenticular
How do you entertain guests waiting to enter an Aquarium exhibit? TOJO decided to do it with NGI’s Large Format Lenticular. Take a look at the Arctic fun!
Featured Projects
Take a look at some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on. We just love working with our clients and bringing their artwork to lenticular life.
Art of Lenticular
We’re often asked how lenticular works and the best way to prepare artwork. We’ve created a short presentation to walk you through the process.
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Lenticular Mailers Scream “Pick Me! Pick Me!”

2015-01-01-lenticular Our family did a holiday gift exchange this past Christmas and I observed something quite interesting. As the gifts were taken from the pile one by one, it was not the size of the package which determined their chosen order, but the wrapping of each package. The elaborately wrapped packages decorated with beautiful wrapping paper, ribbon and bows were chosen first. Surely, if someone took the time to wrap the package so beautifully, then they also put time and thought into picking out whatever was inside. When these were all chosen, people then picked the items wrapped in gift bags until there was just one present left on the table. It was not wrapped at all, having just one perfunctory bow on top, leaving no element of surprise for the receiver. Truth be told, it was one of the nicest presents in the pile, but its inherent value could not compensate for its lack of presentation.
Now picture your direct marketing piece laying in a pile of mail on someone’s kitchen counter, like a present on a table waiting to be chosen. What does your envelope say about the offer inside? What does it say about your business or organization? Perhaps you have chosen a standard, “plain Jane” envelope, with a non-personalized address format. It is possible your envelope has the offer on the outside, just like the unwrapped gift chosen last, leaving no incentive for the reader to “peak” inside. What does this say to the receiver about the time and energy put into what’s INSIDE the envelope? Does it jump out of the pile, like an eager child in school saying “Pick Me! Pick Me!”?
Chances are you put a great deal of time, energy and expense into identifying the right prospects, crafting the perfect sales letter, and sending it on its way. As we “wrap” up 2014, think about how you are presenting this “gift” to your potential clients and what it indicates about the contents, as well as what it says about you. If you’d like to discover options for creating enticing lenticular direct mail pieces that will be the first to be picked from the pile, let us know. We have the art of direct mail “wrapping” with lenticular down to a science.
“Wrapping is self-expression. It is an extension of the gift. It is the soul
of the giver communicating to the soul of the recipient.” Megumi Inouye
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