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Lenticular Design and Printing

Aquarium Lenticular
How do you entertain guests waiting to enter an Aquarium exhibit? TOJO decided to do it with NGI’s Large Format Lenticular. Take a look at the Arctic fun!
Featured Projects
Take a look at some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on. We just love working with our clients and bringing their artwork to lenticular life.
Art of Lenticular
We’re often asked how lenticular works and the best way to prepare artwork. We’ve created a short presentation to walk you through the process.
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CHANEL and John Deere Lenticular Marketing

What do CHANEL and John Deere have in common?

Both companies successfully used the graphic power of lenticular to showcase their products in 2014. In fact, we were fortunate enough to produce various pieces for clients ranging from 1” to over 114” in height this year! We printed full wrap annual report covers, inserts for shoes, POP displays, direct mailers, gift cards, labels and more. These projects were done on various lenses as well, from our patented, ultra thin 7mil 200LPI lens to the specialized 82mil 40LPI lens. It is always interesting to see how diverse our clients, and their lenticular projects, actually are.
There is a unifying thread with all the projects that came through our doors, however. Each of our clients wanted to not only CAPTURE the attention of consumers, but SUSTAIN it. From developing the perfect brand story to creating a unified brand image, a great deal of time and energy is spent developing marketing campaigns. Given the shortened attention spans of today’s multi-tasking consumer, it’s essential to not only capture their attention, but maintain it long enough to share the carefully crafted elements of the campaign. This is the beauty of lenticular. In addition to spending more time interacting with a lenticular piece initially, consumers also tend to hold onto lenticular significantly longer than standard print, allowing you to share your story over and over.
Sure, some of our projects were more challenging than others, but those are the fun ones. We love it when a client asks, “Can you make a toilet bowl “flush” with lenticular?” or “I want to simulate old-time marquee lights. Can you do that?” We love it even more when we get to say, “Absolutely!” So all you innovators, envelope-pushers, out-of-the-box thinkers, bring it on. We’re up for the challenge and look forward to seeing how you want to harness the graphic power of lenticular in 2015!
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